QB Mike Vick Talks NFL, Endorsement Deal

Getty Images

Michael Vick came out of prison in 2009 seeking a second chance.

He got it with the National Football League's Philadelphia Eagles, and that led to his first endorsement contract, in January, with padding maker Unequal Technologies.

"Whether inside or outside Philadelphia the reception is great," Vick told CNBC Wednesday about his life after 18 months in prison for running an illegal dog-fighting ring.

"All I wanted was a second chance and have an opportunity to come back and do it again and do it right and be real and not fictitious."

Rob Vito, Unequal Technologies' president, who was interviewed with Vick, said his company didn't seek out Vick but worked with the Eagles quarterback and team trainers after Vick suffered rib-cage and thigh injuries last year.

"Mike Vick came to us because when he got injured on the ribs the trainers called us up and said, can you take some of that military-level technology and put it into a chest protector," Vito went on to say. "And so we retrofitted and built up what we now call Exo Skeleton and we put it into the chest protector and we put it into the legs."

Vito said the Kevlar padding, which he said was used in pads and helmets during the Super Bowl and now during hockey's Stanley Cup championship, is thinner than foam and more protective. Vick agreed.

"It made me feel invincible," said Vick. "I was able to go out and play with confidence and that’s what it’s all about."

Vick said he is optimistic the revenue issues that prompted the NFL lockout by team owners, now in its 85th day, would be resolved, adding, "We understand what’s at stake. We’re not naive as to what’s going on."

Speaking about another NFL player recently out of prison, Vick said free-agent receiver Plaxico Burress would "be a great fit" for the Eagles. However, he added, "I think the thing for him right now is to get back acclimated into society and with his family and then talk football later."

Burress spent 20 months in prison for illegally having a handgun in New York City. Burress ended up accidentally shooting himself in the leg with the gun.