Farm Kids Rock

At the World Pork Expoin Des Moines, it's hot.

Really hot.

And pigs don't sweat.

Judith Haeusler | Cultura | Getty Images

Young people are showing pigs today, and so they've been dragging fans into the swine barn at the Iowa State Fairgrounds and filling spray bottles with cool water to keep their hogs comfortable.

16-year-old Peyton Hill from Nevada, Texas is one of them. She has 11 pigs to show. She's been doing this half her life. Like many of the young people here, she's used to hard work, and she carries herself with a certain confidence that may come, in part, from being responsible for taking care of animals...and from being a Texan.

I asked her for an interview. "Oh sure, but I look terrible," she said, waving one hand bearing a lime green French manicure. As we prepared to roll tape, she chatted about several topics, including a TV program which wanted to pimp her father's tractor, and also how all the livestock shows in Texas are bigger than anywhere else.

Meantime, her friends teased, "Ooooo, Peyton, you're gonna be a star." That brought another wave of the lime green nails.

Then Peyton Hill got down to business. We talked about pigs, drought, corn, and horses. She did not talk about Facebook, videogames, or Jacob v. Edward.

I wish she'd run for President.

It's young people like her who will grow up and keep the rest of us fed. To see these kids up so early and working so hard is somehow very uplifting.

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