What's On: Investor Sentiment, Fusion-io IPO and Cool Beverages

Here's what's up on Thursday's Squawk on the Street:

Markets continued their six-day decline on Wednesday. How are the investors feeling? We are getting the pulse of the investors from retail investors to institutional professionals. CEOs of E*Trade, TD Ameritrade and Knight Capital will all join us on the big show.

--Once optimistic about Dow 13,000, we are edging closer to 12,000 after Wednesday’s close at 12,048; and then, OPEC’s plan to keep oil output at current levels pushed oil past $100 a barrel once again. What do you think we’ll see first — Dow 13,000 or $5 per gallon of gas? Share your opinion.

--This next flash memory company is getting a lot of buzz since Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak came on board as Chief Scientist. Fusion-io IPOs Thursday. We will get the first trade and the first reaction from the CEO.

--The heat is spreading from Miami to New York. How do you escape it? We are keeping it in the cooler with Beer and Soda. Will it be Coca-Cola or some margaritas with Diageo's Jose Cuervo that will keep you cool and your portfolio hot!


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