If a Bank Says 'No', Ask a Hedge Fund


SEC looking at Goldman and others for Libya dealings[WSJ]

If a bank says 'no', ask a hedge fund [NYTimes DealBook] "Hedge fund managers have been called plenty of names. Now, they can add another: local banker."

Bill Gross: Treasury investors 'will get cooked' [CNN Money] "Treasuries are destined 'to get cooked like frogs in an increasingly hot pot of water.'"

Bubble Trouble: LinkedIn-Inspired IPOs Threaten New Bubble [Bloomberg] "Surging demand for new Internet companies, combined with a dearth of available shares, may give the businesses higher valuations than they deserve, said Francis Gaskins, president of industry tracker IPODesktop.com."

Weinergate just got juicier: Wife is pregnant and new x-rated photo hits the web [Daily Mail]