Heavy Coffee Use Linked to Hallucinations

If you're a crazy coffee drinker, consider yourself warned: Too much could be making you even crazier. A recent study links heavy coffee use to hallucinations.

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People who had higher stress and caffeine levels were more prone to hearing things that weren't there, according the study, which came out of Australia's La Trobe University.

Here's what they did: The researchers played the song "White Christmas" for the participants.

Then they played white noise and told the participants to listen closely because they might play "White Christmas" at a low level underneath the white noise.

Participants who reported having high stress and caffeine levels (at least five cups a day) were three times as likely to report they heard "White Christmas" under the white noise than those who were under-stressed and under-caffeinated, La Trobe Professor Simon Crowe, who conducted the study, said in an interview with the BBC.

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

"White Christmas" was NEVER played under the white noise.

Wow. That is really interesti—

Hey, was that Elvis who just walked by?

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