Sharecroppers, Swat Teams And Lions—Oh My!


Gingrich Senior Campaign Staff Resigns (The Caucus) Something tells me there's more to this story.

Fighting A Lion in Egypt (notesfromamedinah) No. That's not a metephor. This dude is really going to fight a lion.

The Department of Education has SWAT Teams (ABA Journal) Still think those federal students loans are a good idea?

Turning Greece into a nation of sharecroppers (Inside Futures) This won't end well.

New strategy – AIG will buy European junk instead of its own (FT Alphaville) What could go wrong?

Like ancient philosophy? Check out the Plato Reading Group (Facebook) NetNet's summer reading club.

Is This An Accurate Portrayal Of A Villanova MBA? (DealBreaker) Someone pulled this poor girl's eHarmony video.