Classic Sports Posters Hit The Market Again

Credit: Adam Shopkorn

Many of us have long trashed the classic sports posters that graced our childhood bedrooms.

They were marked up with tape or got ripped over the years.

That's why I think what Adam Shopkorn is doing is amazing. Shopkorn is a friend of mine from my days at summer camp (Greylock in Beckett, Mass.) who has a great niche.

He's a contemporary art consultant in New York City and works on putting together art collections for individuals and corporations.

Credit: Adam Shopkorn

Shopkorn saw a great opportunity in finding these vintage sports posters, which today look so over the top.

Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco with big bats sitting on a police car.

Jim McMahon with an uzi in his hand.

Karl Malone really delivering the mail.

So Shopkorn canvassed the country, found original mint versions of about 30 of them and framed them.

The posters will go display at Salon 94, a New York City art gallery, starting June 24, and each one is also available for purchase.

Credit: Adam Shopkorn

The posters are the work of the Costacos brothers, who you probably didn't know, but basically made every great sports poster in the 80s.

They got permission from the athletes themselves and gave them cheesy nicknames, while going deep into the prop closet.

What made them so smooth, Shopkorn says, was that they were approved by the player, but not by the league.

Once the Costakos brothers started doing league-sponsored posters obviously the "edge" had to go.

Shopkorn says the posters will sell anywhere from $250 to $2,500.

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