What's On: Weak Confidence, Best Buy, Tech IPOs and Stocks Poised for an Upswing

Here's what's up on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street:

--It's all about confidence - in the markets, in our job security, in our financial future. And right now that confidence is weak. Americans know it. Investors know it. The President knows it. But how weak? And what does it mean for your money? Three findings from three key surveys including how the President of the Business Roundtable plans to get America strutting its stuff again.

--Spending also a key read on the consumer. We get fresh numbers on sales ahead of the open. Plus the trade on Best Buy, which reports results as it attempts to remake its business and get its stock off the 52-week low list. We also found a bright spot. Yes, a bright spot amid predictions of slowdowns and pullbacks, so tune in to find out where.

--And is LinkedInchanging the way IPOs get to market? We're looking at the future of new tech offerings.

--Plus, the charts are playing defense. Find out if some of the biggest names in healthcare and consumer staples are about to break out to the upside.

--And finally, the economy is weak. Confidence is weak across the board, from investor to business to consumer. Profit estimates are being revised. Everyone is looking for a way to get the economy back on the road to recovery. What would make you more optimistic about the economy? Share your opinion.


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