Tech Bargains Found in Familiar Names: Experts

Motorola Droid
Source: Motorola
Motorola Droid

Some of the biggest bargains in technology stocks have very familiar names, analysts told CNBC Thursday.

"I like to look at what the end-market growth is going to be," said Stephanie Link, director of research at TheStreet.

"If company has exposure to some of the fastest growing technology, things like smartphones, tablets, virtualization, that bodes well for it to grow down the road," Link went on to say.

Broadcom, Link said, has "a lot of exposure to these themes. They also have a diverse customer list from Apple to Samsung to Cisco and Juniper. Also, they have a good product pipeline."

Another pick is AOL , which she called "a complete turnaround story" because its display advertising revenue is starting to improve as it de-emphasizes its old dial-up Internet business and focuses on other media assets.

In the same interview, David Garrity of GVA Research said he looks for stocks in hot markets that are cheap. Microsoft, he said, is "a name that most people need to operate with."

Meanwhile, Motorola Mobility , has a strong portfolio of patented products. Working with Google on the Android phones, Garrity said, puts Motorola Mobility in a "very strong position."


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Stephanie Link owns no shares in the companies she mentioned. David Garrity and his family own shares in the companies mentioned.