Hugh Hefner's New Neighbor

I've been covering the reported sale of Candy Spelling's mega mansion in Holmby Hills, just around the corner from Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion.

Hef, the new neighbor is your kinda guy.

Bernie Ecclestone
Getty Images
Bernie Ecclestone

According to the Wall Street Journal, British billionaire Bernie Ecclestone bought the Spelling place for his 22-year-old daughter, Petra.

One assumes the Formula One CEO will occasionally visit. At 56,500 square feet, there's plenty of room. Maybe he'll pop over to the Grotto for a block party.

Like Hefner, Ecclestone is a self-made man. He likes to date much younger, incredibly hot, women. Ecclestone famously compared women to appliances—Hefner has never said that but some might believe he thinks it. One difference, Ecclestone has made some remarks about Hitler which have been interpreted as "sympathetic."

Hefner has not.

Neither man shies away from the spotlight. Here's a blog I wrote last December after Ecclestone was beaten to a pulp in a robbery. The bad guys wanted, among other things, his Hublot watch.

What does Ecclestone do a few days later? Pose with a hellacious black eye...for a Hublot advertisement. "See what people will do for a Hublot."

In a town that thrives on over-the-top self-promotion, the Ecclestones will fit right in. Except for the Hitler part.

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