Carney Defends Obama!


Danielle Chiesi Was Boss’s Insider Trading/Sex Slave, Says Boyfriend Billy (DealBreaker) The Galleon case keeps getting weirder.

Carney defends Obama meeting Wall Street donors at White House (Politico) It wasn't a fund raiser! It was, well, something else. Shhh.

That Whole Foods Parking Lot song (YouTube) The latest grocery store hip hop song that everyone is talking about.

Bankruptcy Court Declares DOMA Unconstitutional (Bankruptcy Beat) Violates the mythical substantive "due process" rights.

Samuel L. Jackson read the audiobook version of “Go The F*** to Sleep." ( Download it free.

An Undercover Investigation Into The Goldman Sachs-Only Counter At The Shake Shack (Business Insider) My favorite slideshow of the week.

Interview with Joe Gagnon on Quantitative Easing, its Criticisms and the Argument for QE3 (RortyBomb) Must read. The new normal is kicking the can (Felix Salmon) Nice chart!