Lehman Harassing Goldman?


The rules are delayed [WSJ] "U.S. regulators, behind schedule in finalizing key rules mandated by last year's financial-regulatory overhaul, agreed to delay a host of new requirements scheduled to hit the $600 trillion derivatives market next month."

Fed Inflation Target [Bloomberg] "Federal Reserve officials are discussing whether to adopt an explicit target for inflation, a strategy long advocated by Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and practiced by central banks from New Zealand to Canada, according to people familiar with the discussions."

Lehman harassing Goldman? Oh my! [Bloomberg] "Goldman Sachs Group Inc. accused Lehman Brothers Holdings of harassment by making a “baseless” demand for documents as part of an investigation the failed investment bank is conducting."

Bernanke: Stop holding it hostage...raise it! [CNN Money] "Ben Bernanke renewed his calls to Congress to stop holding the debt ceiling hostage."I fully understand the desire to use the debt limit deadline to force some necessary and difficult fiscal policy adjustments, but the debt limit is the wrong tool for that important job," the Federal Reserve chairman said at the annual conference for the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget in D.C. on Tuesday."

Obama and Boehner to go golfing [CNBC.com via Reuters] "U.S. President Barack Obama and Republican leader John Boehner will hit the golf course on Saturday with many hoping that over 18 holes they can knock Washington's troubled debt limit talks out of the rough."