JPMorgan Still Doesn't Understand Capital Requirements


Jamie Dimon’s Underling Agrees: Capital Rules at ‘Limits of Utility’ (Deal Journal) My answer: enough to limit the funding advantage of being Too Big To Fail.

The case of the missing crusty punks (New York Times). The annual spring migration of migration of traveling punks to Tompkins Square Park hasn't happened this year.

So far there has not been a single day where the last hour of trading was positive (Bespoke). So let's just shut down trading at 3 pm.

The Real Wall Street Dress Code (Reformed Broker) Investment bankers only need pajamas.

Shiller Sees ‘Substantial’ Probability of Recession (WSJ) "It doesn't look good."

Dealbook’s Goldman debate (Felix Salmon) Andrew Ross Sorkin versus Jesse Eisinger.