US Needs a 'Qualified' Workforce: Cummins CEO

Image Source | Getty Images

Cummins Chief Executive Tim Solso told CNBC Thursday the United States lacks a workforce with the kinds of technical skills he needs for his engine-making business.

"You have to have a qualified workforce," he said.

He is not seeing those qualifications in "the new people that are coming. One of the biggest challenges is to find a workforce that has the technical skills and the math and science skills that can operate machinery and can do technical work. So I think the education, particularly in vocational schools, is a long-term thing that we need to do."

He said the diesel engine manufacturer is hiring. There have been four announcements of jobs in Indiana, where the company is based, and Cummins plans to hire "2,000 professionals in the United States this year," primarily engineering jobs. The company will also be hiring internationally.

Cummins' international business, particularly in China, India and Brazil, has been strong but now "the United States market, particularly the automobile truck markets, are starting to really bloom," Solso said.

Also, he added, "our power-generation business now has a heartbeat both here in the United States and in Europe. So we are very, very strong internationally and now we’re seeing the recovery in the U.S."