DFD: Stuff To Read Over The Weekend Washout


The great $10 apartment sale (Crains) Nine apartments in the East Village will be sold for 10 bucks.

Everyone At JP Morgan Was Talking About That Ridiculous Intern Email About The Fake IDs Yesterday (Business Insider) The first scandal of the summer!

A Ranking Of Wall Street's Ties On A Scale From Douche To Dashing (Business Insider) For the record, I think Courtny's got terrible taste in ties.

The 'Fictional' Hildy Johnson? (Gary Weiss) Something that by the fact-checkers.

Is It Time to Talk a RIM Takeover? (Deal Journal) I guarantee people are working on pitchbooks right now.

Rating Agencies Taking a Beating, But It Could Be Worse (Market Beat) And it may be worse.