At Least It's Friday!


ON THE MENU:Wall Street's Dinner With Obama [DealBook] "For that $35,800, the financiers dined with Mr. Obama on a meal that included Maine lobster salad with roasted beets, duos of Black Angus beef, braised short ribs with young spinach, and roasted tenderloin with stuffed potato and hen of the woods." Jealous?

AFTERMATH: Approximately 70 attendees X $35,800-a-plate dinner = $2,506,000

GREEK RUINS?: Support for Austerity Crumbling, As ANOTHER Ruling Party Politician Says He May Vote Against a Deal [Business Insider]

HIGH:Legalizing Marijuana Could Save Thousands of Lives [The Atlantic]

HOT:Oil prices recover [ via Reuters]

STILL IN THE DOG HOUSE?:Weiner brings home cheap flowers and bagels [The Daily]