Here's What Happened at That Big Dinner With Obama and the Hedge Funders

President Barack Obama
Photo by: Pete Souza
President Barack Obama

Last night Obama headed to the Upper East Side to wine and dine Wall Street.

The DNC fundraiser at tony restaurant Daniel cost attendees $35,800 each, and a source told Ben White at Morning Money that the event netted $2.4 million.

So his calculations were that at least 67 financiers had come to the party.

"Wall Street may hate Washington but sources tell M.M. that last night's $35,800 per-head event... was a boffo success packed with hedge fund and private equity types."

Marc Lasry was there, as expected. So was Orin Kramer.

According to Dealbook, the menu included: "Maine lobster salad with roasted beets, duos of Black Angus beef, braised short ribs with young spinach, and roasted tenderloin with stuffed potato and hen of the woods."

The meal was prepared by Daniel Boulud himself.

The dinner was part of Obama's plan to win back the group of financiers that helped him cruise past McCain in 2008, many of whom were turned off by the President's labeling of them as "fat cats" near the beginning of his term.

Obama is hoping to win over hedge fund titans who were previously bundlers for the Clintons, as well as a much more challenging task — winning Republicans. Though Democrats won't be so easily wooed this time around, apparently...

"One Democratic financier invited to this month’s dinner... said it was ironic that the same president who once criticized bankers as “fat cats” would now invite them to dine at Daniel, where the six-course tasting menu runs to $195 a person," the Times reported earlier this month. "The donor declined the invitation."

Daniel is the eponymous restaurant of award winning restaurateurDaniel Boulud. (Here'sphotos of the restaurant, and the delectable food)

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

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