What's On: Starbucks, Alkermes, Green Mountain and Greece

Here's what's up on Monday's Squawk on the Street:

--It's a day of CEOs. On the list, the CEO of Crocs, the CEO of Alkermes and Human Genome Sciences. We're also looking at the rare earth metals trade as we have the CEO of Quest Rare Minerals.

--Then we're talking coffee. The commodity is down and the stocks are up. That means names like Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee and Peets Coffee. We'll hopefully perk up with a look at the sector.

--It's also the eve of a big vote on Greece. Our Street Poll asks if you think the stronger European nations should be bailing out the weaker ones. Share your opinion.

--Finally, we'll have the CEO of Ladders — the online job site. They're trying something new and unique: guaranteeing you a job.

--And, as an added bonus, we'll have the top cars under $18,000. Join us.


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