Happy Monday Morning to You Too!


SAY 'I DO': Meet the financiers who helped back the gay marriage campaign [NYTimes DealBook]

CHA-CHING!:New York Woos Same-Sex Weddings [Bloomberg] "The “NYC I Do” campaign “will create millions of dollars in additional economic impact to the city’s $31 billion tourism industry,” Kimberly Spell, a spokeswoman for New York & Company, the city’s marketing office, said yesterday in an e- mail."

REALLY?!: Bigger Capital Requirements Could Slow Down Profits[CNBC.com via AP]

'IT'S ALL GREEK TO ME': Greeks restructuring options narrow [International Financing Review] "However, at that stage Greece’s estimated €370bn debt could be as much as 170% of its GDP, with half in the hands of official creditors, such as the IMF, ECB and EU countries and institutions."

SAY 'GOODBYE'?:Mack Likely to Leave Morgan Stanley by End of the Year [Fox Business]