For JPMorgan's Banking Beauty Queen Xenia Tchoumitcheva Keeping it 'Low Key' Is Impossible


When you're both a supermodel and an intern at an investment bank like Xenia Tchoumitcheva it's not surprising you're going to be getting attention.

"I think keeping it low key is impossible in my position," Tchoumitcheva Tweeted on June 24th after NetNet broke the story she is a summer intern with JPMorgan's graduate sales and trading program.

JPMorgan interns in the New York office were disappointed to learn Tchoumitcheva will be spending the summer in the London office.

"We tried to look her up on our people finder but she wasn't showing up," one New York-based intern said when he found out she was working on the other side of the Atlantic, "That explains that."

That's too bad, guys.

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