Goldman's Feminine Side

Business Woman
Business Woman

Who's up for a feel good moment about Goldman Sachs?

Reporting from inside the fortress that is 200 West Street, I was nearly teary eyed hearing about Goldman's "Returnship Program". Simply a good idea, the program brings primarily women back to the workforce after a long absence—as long as twenty years in one case.

Speaking at an event sponsored by Goldman Sachs and convened by the Council of Urban Professionals (CUP), Goldman Sachs executive Edie Hunt outlined this one simple concept—trademarked of course—that Goldman Sachs should offer returning workers the same courtesy offered to young interns. Started in 2008, the program offers training and mentors and more often than not, a job. The concept survived the financial meltdown and has grown from eleven "returnships" to thirty-three in 2010 with twenty more scheduled to start in 2011.

If you're not excited about this concept, my guess is you've never taken time off to have kids, or never had to reinvent yourself from the ground up.

Fresh-faced kids just out of college are welcomed into the workforce wearing nothing but a smile. Battle weary vets need some opportunities, too. While not the only firm to use this tact, Edie tells me that they were the first. Consider it one idea you can steal from Goldman, just call it something else.


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