Obama Says No Short-Term Debt Limit Deal


Welcome back from that three-day weekend. If you took today off too, here's what you missed.

Obama Says No Short-Term Debt Limit Deal(CNBC)

MARKETS: Stocks Mixed, Oil Climbs(CNBC) The Dow and the S&P Finished to the downside with financials and industrials leading the laggards.

Fearing Bailout, Moody's Downgrades Portugal to Junk (CNBC.com)

Solving the U.S. Debt Ceiling Raises Some Interesting Solutions (Financial Times) Should the Fed just cancel the U.S. debt?

Hackers Claim They Got Account Information From Apple (Bloomberg) Not Apple's PR team's best day.

10 Amazing Facts About the Life of Hedge Fund King Bill Ackman (Business Insider) Sneak Peak: He's played tennis with Andre Agassi. Respect.

Murdoch Pressure Increases With New Hacking Claim (CNBC.com)

French Writer Tristane Banon Files Sexual Assault Charges Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn(Business Insider) The maid is also suing the NYPost for calling her a 'hooker.'