American Independence No longer Priceless


Morgan Stanley lost unencrypted data for 34K investment clients. (Consumerist) Sent two CDs in the US mail.

The Wall Street Duane Reade is "America's fanciest pharmacy." (Gawker) Sushi, hair salon, a doctor at the pharmacy.

Inter-bank, minus the bank.(FT Alphaville) Interbank liquidity has dried up in Europe. Central bank is the final hose.

For just $1.6 million You can buy a revolutionary-era original Declaration of Independence from the NYT (NYT Store) Pre-signing copy. (via Felix Salmon)

Myspace and Irrational Tech Exuberance – A Warning (Kid Dynamite) Remember when all your buddies signed up?

David Einhorn, Dan Loeb, Louis Bacon And More Are All Getting Crushed This Year(Business Insider) Gold's swing was rough.