Former Goldman Sachs Analyst Says Employees 'Harassed' Him and Made Him Stop Rapping

Allen Mask
Source: Facebook
Allen Mask

In all the times we've written about Allen Mask, the Goldman Sachs analyst-turned-rapper, we didn't know this part: when the bank found out about Mask's other career, they said he had to stop.

His co-workers were reportedly supportive at first, but when Mask's hip-hop videos were posted online at various financial news sites after "a financial blogger discovered his Goldman connection," the bank stepped in, Dealbook reports .

"As more blogs and media outlets picked up his story, Goldman’s media gatekeepers clamped down. They declined interview and television requests on his behalf and eventually gave him strict orders: no more performing, no more recording and no speaking to the media."

Well, no more performing and no more recording is kind of antithetical to a career in music, so Mask made a choice: he chose hip hop.

"At first, it was a cool thing, and everyone at the firm was like, ‘We’re here to support you.' They knew that was part of my life. I didn’t do anything to deserve the negative treatment and the harassment I got," Mask told Dealbook . "It’s not like I changed the share price."

Now Mask is living in California, and working for Google .