Here a Debt Crisis, There a Debt Crisis, Everywhere a Debt Crisis


Italy: Italy's Debt Troubles Weighing Down Markets (NYTimes)

Berlusconi Talks Italian Economy Into Big Trouble(

Greece: Greek Default May Be 'Inevitable': Soros(

Greek Selective Default No Longer Excluded: Minister (

Portugal: Portugal's Economy to Shrink More Than Expected as Austerity Hits (Bloomberg)

U.S.A.: No Progress In Obama's Debt Deal(WSJ) And the Aug. 2 deadline is just around the corner. Meanwhile, there are still no jobs. This should be interesting.

Traders Freak Out About How Bad Things Have Become On The Street: "Everyone Is Looking Over Their Shoulder" (Business Insider) Paranoia sets in.

In Other News: Afghan President's Brother Killed(BBC)