Happy Bastille Day! Or Not?


Obama Walks Out on Debt Talks (CNBC.com) "Enough's enough," Obama said.

Americans to Work 10 Years Longer to Pay Debt: Advisor(CNBC.com) Well, that's just swell.

JPMorgan Posts Higher Second-Quarter Profit (CNBC.com) Whew...

Today Is NOT Bastille Day (Business Insider) Or is it?

Moody's, S&P Warn Of US Credit Rating Downgrade (CNBC.com)

The US Needs a Recession: Economist (CNBC.com) Didn't we just have one?

China Worried About US (Washington Post) Guess what China, we're worried too!

WOW: Morgan Stanley "Running Layoff Scenarios Into Several Thousand" (Business Insider)