Obama: We Are Obviously Running Out of Time


Happy Friday! Get thee to the Hamptons. Here is a rundown of the headlines before we jet on out of here.

BOOM: Just 8 Banks Failed The Stress Tests (Business Insider)

29 Public Companies With More Cash Than the US Treasury (ZeroHedge) Bank of America, Credit Suisse and HSBC Holdings just to name a few.

S&P Threatens Broad Downgrade of Finance Companies (CNBC.com)

Another Recession Is 'One Small Shock Away': Rosenberg (CNBC.com)

Obama: We Are Obviously Running Out of Time (Washington Post) Yes, you keep saying that and yet...

US Consumer Sentiment Falls to Lowest Level in Two Years (CNBC.com) Sigh. Just breaking records, bad ones.

So in other words, it wasn't exactly a day full of good news. Regardless, at least it's Friday!