Gold, Treasuries, And A Very Weird Hedge Fund


Gold and Ideology (Uneasy Money) The "classical" gold standard was constantly subject to manipulation by central bankers.

Oakeshott’s Conservatism (League of Ordinary Gentlemen) Definition: cherishing what we have.

Larry Summers’s inadequate plan for Europe (Felix Salmon) Right diagnosis, wrong prescription.

Then Why Are Treasuries Up? (Baseline Scenario) Kwak is smart, but still doesn't seem to get that it's very simple: people buy Treasuries when they are worried.

Looking Inside the Consumer Bust (Economix) It's here, it's real, get used to it.

How Ray Dalio built the world’s richest and strangest hedge fund (New Yorker)

Finally: OMG! You guys! It's the new Rebecca Black track! (YouTube)