Gigwalk — An App that Pays


Researching Gigwalk, a Silicon Valley startup that pays its iPhone user base to complete various small tasks and odd-jobs (known as "Gigs"), and speaking to the CEO, Ariel Seidman, made me very curious. How could it be this easy and why didn’t anyone think of this before?

It’s a combo of Craigslist meets eBay , or to be even more clear – job searching portal plus ecommerce platform.

Once I understood the concept behind Gigwalk, I knew I had to “Gig” myself. So I set out on a 'crowd commerce' adventure and at the end of the day, my pockets were four dollars heavier. Not a lot, but hey, now you have some extra cash to do what you want with (I donated my $4 payday to charity).

My experience with Gigwalk:

I downloaded the Gigwalk Iphone app on my Iphone 4. Once installed, I logged in and found tasks or “gigs,” that were located in my New York City neighborhood. Soon after, I picked one that seemed easy and close enough to walk to. The gig asked me to take pictures of a large retailer downtown with my iPhone and upload the photos back to the Gigwalk site. Once uploaded, Gigwalk verified that the photos taken were legit and not blurry. By the end of the day, my account was updated with $4.00.

On average, serious Gigwalkers make $22 per day – that comes out to $8030 of extra income one can make per year (if you gig 365 days a year)! A large amount if one is serious about taking this up as a side job. During a time when things are still rough out there and unemployment is at 9.2%, one could easily leverage this iPhone app to find ways to make some extra dollars a day.

What’s most important here is that the power of a mobile workforce is astounding. It can connect individuals or corporations who need work done – with a group of eager mobile users looking to get paid. Just think of the endless opportunities that this can create! Finding jobs in the newspaper is so 1990’s.

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