That Wall Street Prostitution Ring Is Still Going

Kevin Steele | Aurora | Getty Images

Following Wednesday's indictments of 17 people accused of running a $7 million prostitution ring, all of the websites allegedly operated by the accused are still up—and at least one of them is still "servicing" callers.

From NBC New York:

A phone number clearly printed on the angelofyourchoice.com homepage led NBC New York to a receptionist who offered to book an escort named "Jane" for $600 an hour.

"She is on 43rd Street and Broadway, that’s the Carter Hotel, I think," said the unidentified voice.

When NBC New York took a hidden camera to the hotel, a blond woman who called herself Jane answered the hotel room door. After a few pleasantries, she outlined her price schedule.

"Six hundred for one hour," said the self-described model.

She insisted any cash she might receive would be for her companionship only, but detectives say angelofyourchoice.com is really a front for pure prostitution.

This, by the way, is Jane's page on angleofyourchoice. The pictures, while not nudes, aren't necessarily "safe for work."


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