Debt Talks Drag on Dollar, Swiss Franc Soars


Deadlocked debt-ceiling talks dent the dollar and send the Swissie soaring - it's time for your daily FX Fix.

The dollar fell sharply against the yen and Swiss franc on a lack of a debt-ceiling deal. [CNBC]

Japanese finance ministry officials are issuing more warnings about the domestic pain from a strong yen. [Reuters]

Pros question whether the euro's rally last week can be sustained. [WSJ]

Australia's producer price index rose, as expected, giving the Aussie dollar a lift. []

The Turkish lira slid on worries about Turkey's external deficits and the central bank cancelled its daily FX buying. [CNBC]

The Indian rupee weakened on demand by local oil companies for dollar payments, a day before the central bank's policy review. []

Attn Kelley - OPTION -- Here is a list of multi-currencies v the dollar


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