Madison Square Garden Offers Fans 'Sneak Peek' of Players

There's a lot of focus on the huge television at Cowboys Stadium, but the coolest feature in the entire building is the Miller Lite Club, where well-heeled fans watch the Cowboys go through the bar area on their way from the locker room to the field. If you haven't seen it, take a look here.

In an era of ritz and glitz, fans are asking for more than the best eats and real mahogany wood in their suites. They want to see the players before the game.

Delta SKY360 Club
Courtesy of Madison Square Garden
Delta SKY360 Club

And so, when the the folks at Madison Square Garden were dreaming up new features for their big renovation, giving fans the option of seeing Knicks and Rangers players leaving the locker room to go onto the court and the ice was a must-have.

"We obviously gutted the whole place so we had an opportunity to do what we wanted," said Hank Ratner, president and CEO of Madison Square Garden. "We did surveys and fans, not surprisingly, told us they wanted to get closer. So we did this."

The area in the arena is called the Delta SKY360 Club and fans can watch the Knicks and Rangers go from their locker rooms onto the court and ice before they go to their seats. Those fans can also watch through the glass to see what is going on in the MSG studio.

There are 800 season ticket holders (sold separately for Knicks and Rangers fans) that have access to the club and they pay an undisclosed amount for the all-inclusive tickets, which include a seat just above the floor, food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Unlike the Cowboys area, which doesn't have glass, there will be a glass divider between the MSG fans and the players. Two other teams, the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks, have this feature though they don't market it as heavily as the Cowboys and the Knicks and Rangers now do.

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