Cramer’s Calls on Apple, Yahoo and More

Cramer took some time Monday to answer his “Mad Mail.”

Last Thursday, Cliff in Aspen asked about Fifth Street Finance . Cramer did his homework and is now warning homegamers to stay away from this stock right here because a potential dividend could smash shares. FSC, which has a 12 percent yield, is largely owned by retail investors who will sell the stock en masse if the dividend gets cut. And Cramer thinks that dividend cut is a possibility because the company pre-announced last week that it would make 24 to 26 cents a share, well below estimates and the 32 cent quarterly dividend.

If you want a high-yielding business development company, Cramer suggests Solar Capital , which has a 10.4 percent yield.

Bob asked Cramer for his recommendation of Yahoo in light of its mismanagement of Alipay and gains against its core business by competitors. The “Mad Money” host said not to sell this Internet company on these near-term concerns. He thinks that as long as millions of people continue to visit the site everyday, there is a possibility that Yahoo is going to be able to realize its asset value.

Ryan in Boston wanted to know who had the upper hand in Apple and Samsung’s collaborative yet competitive relationship in light of Samsung’s Galaxy line. Cramer said while Galaxy is interesting, Apple is “game, set match.” This is all Apple’s game to win.

Another winner in Cramer’s book is Energy Transfer Partners . Susan in California wanted to know if she should buy more shares, or sit tight. Cramer’s advice—buy, buy, buy. He thinks this is the best bargain of all the master limited partnerships right now in the pure pipeline, non-propane space.

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When this story was published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Apple.

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