Sky High Heels

If looks could kill, these shoes just may do the trick.

Walking in them could be your final act.

Sky High Heels
Source: bornrich.com
Sky High Heels

Shoe designer Julia Lundsten has unveiled the Project 3 shoe in her Finsk line. The tri-colored strap-ons sit atop a six-and-a-half inch platform described as "broken."

Not only will you suffer nosebleeds wearing these sky high heels, but the pricetag is in the upper atmosphere as well—$1,000.

I dare you. Send photos. Walking, not standing. Walking.

On the Finsk website, there is artsy video of a woman kind of walking in them. Designer Lundsten is reportedly a two-time past winner of the Manolo Blahnick Award, but I don't think even Carrie Bradshaw could amble through Manhattan in these.

Lundsten's Projects Oneand Two are also pretty eye-popping. Perhaps we should think of this as walkable art, but with a twist. Let's just hope the twist doesn't involve your ankles.

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