U.S. Is 'Right Now in a Recession': Dohmen Capital Research

The U.S. is "right now in a recession, if you deduct the true rate of inflation," Bert Dohmen, president and founder of Dohmen Capital Research Institute, told CNBC Tuesday.

Rose | Mueller | Stock4B | Getty Images

"Using actual inflation numbers in the economy — as it was calculated 30 years ago before they had all these gimmicks to so-called adjust inflation — then we are right now in a very important contraction already in the economy," Dohmen said.

He explained that one identifier of a bear market is the 200-day moving average on a major index. "Now we have all the major indices below the 200-day" moving average," he said.

Dohmen went on to say investors need to look at the charts of important indices many people don't look at, giving as an example the Dow Jones Transportation Index. "This is very important because transportation is necessary to move goods," he said.

"If that index is plummeting, you'll know that goods are not being moved. And you'll know that there's something very bad is happening in [the] transportation sector," he added."

Right now, this is just a "short-term" bottom, so people should not get too excited about it, concluded Dohmen. "There is strong resistance in the 1200 area for the S&P, I think eventually we'll go much lower.

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