'Anonymous' Threat Taken 'Seriously': Facebook Security Chief

While all eyes have been on the recent swings across the global markets, the looming threat of cyber attacks has increased. The latest target is the social-networking giant Facebook.

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The hacking group known as "Anonymous" has threatened to "kill Facebook" in a YouTube message in which the group says, Operation Facebook "will go down in history—November 5, 2011."

Nov. 5 is Guy Fawkes Day in Great Britain commemorating an attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605.

"We take every one of those threats seriously," Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan told CNBC Wednesday. "We spare no expense."

As of late, cyber attacks have been waged on major corporations including Sony and Lockheed Martin . The United Nations has not been immune to the increasingly sophisticated virtual war being conducted with great speed and force.

"Most of the time we spend our efforts behind the scenes building out security and trying to keep bad things from happening to the people who use Facebook," added Sullivan.

He noted that new upfront security measures will be added to protect Facebook, including a recently launched "bug bounty" program to help engage the security research community and create an even safer environment for users.

In addition, Facebook intends to take "security into the mobile realm" to make "mobile safety and security as good as you would get on the desktop," explained Sullivan.

Facebook has over 750 million users, one billion photos uploaded per day, over 30 billion pieces of daily content and over two trillion link clicks per day. The social utility blocks over 200 million potentially malicious links daily.

Prior to working in the private sector, Sullivan spent eight years with the United States Department of Justice. He was the first federal prosecutor in a U.S. Attorney's office dedicated full-time to fighting high-tech crime.

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