Ron Paul: Investing Genius

Congressman Ron Paul
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Congressman Ron Paul

Peter Schiff pointsoutthat the ten year returns on Ron Paul's stock portfolio are truly amazing.

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Fueled by his understanding of the inflationary policies unrelentingly pushed by his colleagues in Washington, Ron wisely loaded up on gold and gold-mining stocks in the mid- to late 1990s, when those assets were regarded as the poor stepchildren of Wall Street.

Although these assets have significantly beaten the broad markets over the one- and three-year time frames used in the article, most of their phenomenal gains occurred earlier in the last decade.

Amazingly, the average 10-year return of the 8 stocks listed in his top 10 holdings (that have 10-year track records—the two other positions have not been around that long) came in at more than 600 percent!

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