CNBC Special: 'The Gold Rush' Begins

The Gold Rush, our special three-day series on gold, begins tomorrow (Tuesday). It's not about the price of gold, but on the gold industry.

- How does gold get from a mine in South Africa onto the neck of a woman in, say, Bombay/Mumbai?

- And where is all that gold that is behind the SPDR Gold Trust stored?

- Should you own physical gold or an ETF?

In addition, there's an entire section on the gold industry that I've written for More on that tomorrow.

Here's the rundown for the first two days:

Tuesday Aug 30: "FOLLOW THE GOLD"

10:40am ET - The deepest mine in the world. The Mponeng mine owned by AngloGold Ashanti , just one hour outside of Johannesburg, is like a city: 3,500 miners, upwards of 100 degrees and 2.2 miles down underground. Why 2 miles down? Because surface gold is increasingly harder to find, forcing miners to drill deeper… at higher costs… and greater danger.

11:40am ET - The king of refineries. The Rand Refinery outside of Johannesburg is the largest gold refiner in the world... in the history of the world! Much of the world's gold is refined here and delivered all over the globe to: banks, mints, industrial manufacturers and jewelry makers.

1:30pm ET - Bullion Banks. The middle men. From Johannesburg, we follow the gold to London and New York, the epicenters of the wholesale gold bullion market. We visit the gold trading desk of ScotiaMocatta, see how the price of gold is set based on supply and demand and watch gold move around the world.

2:40pm ET - Manufacturing gold. The intermediaries who control gold bullion send about half of the world’s gold to the jewelry industry. We go to Lafayette, Louisiana to pay a visit to Stuller, one of the largest wholesale jewelry manufacturers in the world to watch how gold jewelry is made and see how even with record gold prices, consumers are still buying their bling.

Wednesday Aug 31: "SHOW US THE GOLD"

(somewhere in 9-11:00am and 12-1:00pm ET) - SPDR Gold Trust: The largest private gold reserve in the world is held in a secret vault in London. Inside: over $60 billion worth of gold, all backing the SPDR Gold Trust, the biggest commodity-exchange-traded product in the world. That’s more gold than Switzerland or China has. And almost no one outside of the board of the World Gold Council has ever seen the gold… until now.

11:40pm ET - Interview with Savneet Singh, CEO Gold Bullion International, on private gold vaulting.

2:00pm ET - Show me the gold (with Herb Greenberg and myself). Are ETFs and all the funds’ expenses worth the investment? Or is storing physical gold a better bet? Herb Greenberg breaks it down.

3-4:00pm ET - Interview with Jason Toussaint, head of World Gold Council...what's driving demand for gold? Is gold in a bubble?

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