Happy Birthday, Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett
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Warren Buffett

Despite what many people seem to believe, Warren Buffett did not spring fully formed from the mind of Zeus. He, too, was born of woman and today the old guy celebrates his 81st birthday.

I go way back with Warren. Here's me wishing him happy birthday on his 76th birthday. And on his 77th. I was a lot meaner back then.

But the prize for Buffett birthday messages today goes to Foster Kamer at the New York Observer, who has written up his hilarious and ill-fated attempt to interview Buffett at the party for HBO's "Too Big To Fail."

It begins, as all great quests do, with a bit of reluctance:

EDITOR LADY: You need to get a quote from him. This will be perfect for your story.

REPORTER: Of course. I know his position on farming investments, it’s already in the piece. But the—

EDITOR LADY: —story would be greatly improved with a quote from Warren Buffett on farming? Yes it would.

REPORTER: I don’t think he’s going to talk to me about it.

EDITOR LADY: You won’t know until you try.

REPORTER: No, I’m pretty sure I know here.

EDITOR LADY: Prove it.


Go read the rest.

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