Jeff Saut: The Bull Trade Is the Right Trade

About a month ago Jeff Saut, chief investment strategist at Raymond James, told us to get reacquainted with the buy button. What does he say now?

In a live interview, Saut confirmed that he remains bullish.

“I still like the energy sector. I think with rising per capital incomes in emerging and frontier markets the demand for energy should stay pretty perky,” he says.

And Saut thinks that will put the wind at the back of many MLP’s.

Play it long Energy Partners,” he told us in August. “The stock looks like it bottomed a few weeks ago and it has a decent dividend yield. And another name Saut suggests is Lin Energy .


Looking at the broad market, Saut concedes there are a slew of negative signs but he isn't terribly worried. He thinks there are plenty of constructive signals too.

“If you look at LA port traffic it’s not suggestive of a double dip,” he told us.

And during our August interview he added that if history was any indication, the next big move should be higher.

Saut compared the current market malaise is similar to a pattern that emerged over 30 years ago. “I’m using the Oct ‘78 and Oct ‘79 declines as a pattern,” he explained. “They came out of nowhere” just like the current declines and the trends are remarkably similar.

At the time markets made a selling climax and sharp throw back rally, like we’ve just seen and we tested the lows.

That sounds a little complicated, but the take away is simple. "The Oct ’78 bottoming affair took 6-7 weeks and the Oct ’79 took 4-5 weeks. “Both of those sequences were followed by 13% rallies."

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