Falling Space Junk — Where Should it Land?

We can't control where NASA's decaying satellite will land. We can, however, suggest good locations for obliteration.

It seems appropriate that the Earth is threatened by a man made asteroid this week. The stock market already cratered. Yet predicting where NASA's falling space junk will touch down has proven as difficult as figuring out HP's next move. Both involve unstructured data.

Where would you like to see the space debris land? Congress? The White House? Jersey Shore? Facebook? NFL players who fake injuries? Greece?

Art Montes De Oca | Taxi | Getty Images

I asked folks on Twitter for suggestions. Here are a few. Feel free to add yours in the comments section below.

Most would like to see a bus-sized chunk of dead tech to hit Washington or related political environments.

@Furlicity: Capitol Hill & make it a big chunk!

@Schaumie1: I'm hoping it hits the Capitol. Then Cantor will have to cut Food Stamps to pay to fix it.

@doughawkmedia: NASA predicts pieces of falling satellite will hit one of the 2012 Republican Presidential candidates....

@trimmgi: The UN, IMF and of course Brussels.

@NARNfan: I want it to land on the Eccles Building (Federal Reserve). It would be even better if all of the characters from "The Inside Job" were in it, too.

@AZ_Analyst: White House lawn with a cardboard sharpie written sign that says "Stimulus".

@GovtShutUp: It should land in Ron Paul. I don't know why. It just should.

Some people want the debris to hit specific countries.

@brysown1: flaming debris slams N. Korea...parts stamped "Made in China". We sit back and watch on livestream.

Others listed specific states, like Connecticut (from @tbuhl: to get rid of some of the hedge fund managers.)

But some targeted specific cities.

@BruceDetterich: Breaks into 2, no 3, no 4 parts: D.C., NYC, SF, Sacramento. Make that 6; add Chicago and Detroit.

@j2lovesfriday: Ojai Valley: Chuck Testa can taxidermizespace aliens found in debris.

Some listed specific locations:

@DONCARRMAC Right next to where the Titanic is resting so we can maybe get another great movie out of James Cameron.

@gillsiesgoons: Yankee stadium.

@BOEHM1: my house-so I can sell the metal scrap 2 a recycling ctr & recover some of that tax money my parents paid 2 fund the project...

And some listed specific people.

@DarylT Daryl My ex-wife's house?

@rchinnis: Kevin James' house. There have to be consequences for "Zookeeper."

Finally, some want the space debris to end up in a space-related environment.

@joemattray: Area 51...so it can be with its other space debris friends.

@rewashednews: Roswell... They need a new UFO mystery.

@dalewj: Back at NASA, teach them to figure out a better way of returning their vehicles.

And from our own @GuyAdami: Perhaps the moon, would then be the first time that something had actually landed on it.


Turns out Guy is a "Capricorn One" groupie, not because of James Brolin or the fine acting by O.J. Simpson. "Big Brenda Vaccaro fan in the day," he tweeted.

I'm more of a Susan Lucci fan. Maybe the space junk can land in Pine Valley. Today is the last day ABC will air "All My Children". After everything Erica Kane has been through, and everything she's put others through, it's a fitting end. I still haven't forgiven her for breaking up Phil and Tara.

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