Who is the Most Annoying CEO?

Parade Magazine has come out with a pollrevealing the most annoying celebrities. Kim Kardashian wins with 29 percent of the vote, two points ahead of Charlie Sheen. Winning! You have to be really annoying to fare worse than Charlie Sheen.

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Snooki from "The Jersey Shore" comes in third with 21 percent of the vote, followed by Lindsay Lohan at 16 percent—hey, people still know who she is!—with Donald Trump in fifth place at five percent, and, finally, former Bachelor Brad Womack in last with one percent of the vote.

I'm sure Paris Hilton is either breathing a sigh of relief because she did not make the list, or she is concerned because she's no longer making any lists. My own personal "most annoying" celeb is Zooey Deschanel. She's beautiful, talented, quirky, and a star. I hate her.

The Parade poll got me thinking. Who is the most annoying CEO? Not necessarily the worst, but the most annoying. I posed the question on Twitter.

Suggestions included:

Brian Harrison of Solyndra "for costing taxpayers a half billion dollars."

Michael Parness at TrendTrade.com for "most annoying commercial."

Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachsfor "doing God's work" while trading against client accounts.

The most obscure suggestion: Dan Gilbert at Quicken Loans over the use of Comic Sans—"Take his font choices away."

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However, after thoughtful consideration, here are my top six choices:

Donald Trump

Why the Donald?

As @jrs111 says, "Just because."

Hey, if he can qualify as an annoying celebrity in the Parade poll, he automatically qualifies as annoying CEO here.

While you can't argue with Trump's success, you also can't argue with him at all. Ask Simon Hobbs.

Mark Zuckerberg

MZ, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Facebook changes format more often than Katy Perry changes hairstyles, yet the site's "innovating" increasingly feels like "change for the sake of change." I also can't shake this feeling that I'm being sucked into this free, fabulous social networking site only to be invaded by aliens who will reprogram me.

Reed Hastings

The apology to Netflix customers for being arrogant smacked of arrogance.

Steve Ballmer

One word: Zune . Also, if you want to jump up and down and get all excited, get the share price moving after a decade of going nowhere.

Andrew Mason

The CEO of Groupon is funny, quirky and offbeat. However, he also has an odd grasp of numbers. It appears he doesn't know much about accounting, like realizing when a portion of a daily deal goes to a vendor, you can't book the whole amount as revenue. Even if an IPO eventually happens, one reader suggested, "I wouldn't buy Groupon stock, unless I could buy it for 50-90% off."

Kris Jenner

She runs the Kardashian empire. On the one hand, you've got to admire someone who has done so much with so little. On the other hand...it's the Kardashians.

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