The Best Part Of Waking Up: 5 Coffee Stocks Up 20% This Year

Yuri Arcurs | Getty Images

Coffee is not just a drink. It's a 30-billion industry, with over 400 million cups consumed each day in the United States.

And today, September 29, CNBC celebrates National Coffee Day with an inside look at the world's favorite drink through a one-hour special "The Coffee Addiction".

Coffee, one of the most actively traded commodities in the world, has steadily gone up in price since early 2002, up 410 percent through its highs in May 2011.

Futures prices for the commodity reached a 14-year high of $3.039 a pound back in May of this year, but have recently pulled back, down 25 percent in the past four months to $2.321.

Even at the current levels with the sell-off in commodities, coffee prices are still up over 400 percent from where they were back in 2002.

Today, 34 percent of professionals in the United States need coffee to get through the day, according to a recent survey conducted by Dunkin' Donuts and Career Builder among 4,721 workers. Of those drinking coffee, sixty-one percent consumed two or more cups each day.

The survey also reveals that those who need coffee the most are scientists/lab technicians, marketing/public relations professionals and education administrators (financial professionals rank tenth on the list).

And for those coffee lovers, Starbucks now offers a limited edition coffe-stain t-shirt for $85.

Below is a look at five coffee stocks that are up more than 20 percent so far in 2011.

  • Green Mountain Coffee , up 200% YTD
  • Coffee Holdings , up 133% YTD
  • Peet's Coffee & Tea , up 34% YTD
  • Caribou Coffee , up 24% YTD
  • Starbucks , up 22% YTD

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