Less Economic Pressure for These 3 Stocks: BlackRock Exec 

People will “continue to smoke, eat, and need healthcare,” so stocks in these areas will feel “less economic pressures on their sales and profits,” Stuart Reeve, director and portfolio manager at BlackRock , told CNBC Friday.

Felipe Rodriguez Fernandez | Getty Images

Reeve recommended three high-quality stocks that have the ability to “sustain and grow their dividends”:

Philip Morris International has a 4.5 percent dividend yield. Tobacco companies have “great pricing power,” said Reeve. Philip Morris have seen revenue growth of 6 to 7 percent, since they separated from Altria .

Sanofi, formerly Sanofi-Aventis, is looking to grow sales by at least 5 percent from 2012 to 2015. The healthcare company, he said, has “some good growth platforms,” driven by consumer health, emerging markets, and its acquisition of Genzyme.

Unilever is a high quality consumer staples company that has delivered high returns on investment over many years, Reeve said. With almost 50 percent of its sales now coming from emerging markets, Unilever now has a competitive advantage thanks to past investments made over many decades.