Occupy Wall Street: Live Blog

This is a live blog of CNBC's "Speaker's Corner" hosted in New York City where the group, Occupy Wall Street has set up camp.

Photo: Jeff Cox for CNBC.com

On September 17, 2011 a loosely organized group calling themselves Occupy Wall Street gathered in NYC to protest corporate greed, social inequality and other divisions between the rich and the poor.

On the group’s Web site, Occupywallstreet, they describe themselves as a “leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions.

The movement has spread from a few dozens to hundreds and has spread from New York to many cities including, Los Angeles, Tampa and Portland, Oregon.

There are many questions about the group and about the group's goals. It is our goal here at CNBC to give them a chance to share their voices and for those who want to learn more about the group, to hear what they have to say and what they're hoping to do in this live blog.

This post will be updated frequently so please refresh and check-in regularly. All times are Eastern. The most recent post is here at the top.

4:43 PM - The Final Voice

Today's final speaker at CNBC's Speaker's Corner says we need to bring all the jobs back to the US AND - he says to the Republicans -- "you gotta give Obama a chance...he's not the 'best'...but he's the only one we got." He ends, saying "you gotta give the guy a chance, please."

4:41 PM - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Latest speaker says this is a good protest - and yet it's not a good protest. He says folks don't understand what they're protesting, they don't understand the message. He says what's needed is an inspirational speaker to help deliver the message.

I'm thinking since he's not getting off the podium that he might see himself as that inspirational speaker....just sayin'.

4:39 PM - Single in the Suburbs

Latest woman introduces herself as "I'm a single woman from the suburbs." She says the politicians are the puppets to the Wall Street masters.

4:38 PM - Obama's Not a Magician

Obama supporter tells folks basically to "get real" saying Obama doesn't have a magic wand he can't perform magic.

4:37 PM - Where's the Hope, Where's the Change?

Molly is outraged that the 1%'rs hold all the money and don't pay their fair share. She calls out Obama saying "we want more."

4:35 PM - 9/11 Not to be Forgotten

Latest speaker wants a full investigation into what caused the Towers to fall, and what led to the attack.

4:32 PM - The Voice You Hear

And we're back up.

Newest speaker says it's important that the movement not have a list of demands because they are "pissed off" (her words, not mine) and they shouldn't have just one or two demands, they have a lot of demands.

4:27 PM - Continuing Comments

Onethezdaz writes:

"What’s wrong with these people?

It’s a “SIN” to make money?

Oh! “Exxon Mobil made $19 billion in profits in 2009. Exxon not only paid no federal income taxes, it actually received a $156 million rebate from the IRS, according to its SEC filings.”

Exon paid no taxes? Bull! The USA has one of the highest corporate tax rates! Taxes were paid, but you don’t like the idea that Exon and others made money when you can’t! What’s the problem, didn’t you ask Exon for a job, or are you one of those still crying at Solyndra’s closed door?

Did you get money back from the IRS?

I did, and taxes were paid! I resent the idea that someone would point fingers at me claiming: “I didn’t pay any taxes and got money back from the IRS”!

I’m not here to defend the “Corporations”, but I am a bit jealous. Remember, this is America where even Steve Jobs started in a garage and ended up with a multibillion dollar corporation! So do the best you can and maybe you can make $19 billion and get a check back from the IRS!"

4:25 PM - From our Twitter Feed

@­enslaved_­one Never ­underesti­mate the ­intellige­nce of the American people.

4:21 PM - Do You Hear What I Hear?

Wondering about a lost mic?

We'll be back in a flash - we had to move the microphone ... it'll be up very, very soon.

4:15 PM - And Now, It's Your Turn

Some of you have filed your comments:

flafreethinker writes in: I love this. Wall street and all the lying thieves that destroyed this country that still reside there need to be strung up and hung. Keep up the pressure. I wish I could join you!!!!!!

rmgsara: Doesn't speak alot of the public education in this country considering what these protesters are claiming. There are jobs to fill in this country but people won't work because they fill they are entitled to big bucks. Very few people make big bucks with out working there way up. My question to them if they were making the big bucks would they share and I could almost tell you their reaction would be no I am entitled to it.

Average American: These people are a large part of the segment of our society responsible for our current economic situation. Their whole entitlement mentality led to the Democrats pushing the "fair housing act" under Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton which forced banks to make sub-prime loans! They continue to want something for nothing! They either need to move to Greece and enjoy the fruits of an entitlement society or get a job and contribute to the Greatness of America! Anyone can be a failure but you must work to be a success!

4:11 PM - One, With Everything

A former hot dog vendor is on the podium saying he's been an activist all his life.

Oh no -- he's stopped talking. Now he's singing. Well, in all honesty, it's not really singing, but he's trying...lyrics include a ton of topics: WTC, MLK, freedom, leaders, no leaders, people, no people, making a living, not making a living, Big Brother.

I think he means well.

4:10 PM Keep the Meter Running

Driving in from Long Island, this taxi driver wanted to see for himself what was going on in the City. Says he hasn't seen any evidence of people really talking about "unity" but hopes it'll appear.

4:08 PM - PS 140's Whippersnapper

Young, young, young kid takes the podium -- with an very mature message: He wants peace in the world and prosperity for all.

4:05 PM - The Great Divide

Anthony - a social worker says he's there to speak up about the "huge social divide" that he says is a direct result of the shift of wealth in this country. Anthony says we need to work together so that every child has an opportunity to succeed and that banks are sitting on boatloads of cash and not hiring.

He wonders -- why can't we socialize profit?

4:03 PM - Man Drake

Saying he comes from the Internet...this speaker says he's not going to stand for corporations to steal from us (I think he means...the rest of us who live in THIS world and not in the Internet)

Also says "Anonymous" supports Occupy Wall Street.

4:01 PM - Model Behavior

Woman on the podium now is a model (!) who has just returned from Asia, where there is in her worlds-- real poverty. And global poverty needs to be addressed.

HA- as she steps down from the podium -- she asks to take "a quick picture."

Well, ain't that just something.

4:00 PM - OUCH

Unemployed College Grad says the economy is turning everyone into the incredible shrinking man. Big Biz is cutting too much. We need higher corporate taxes - and prosperity for all. He says folks have short memories

3:59 PM - New York Girl Hearts Change

Wants to see a change. Just got back from Europe and she loves all the change that is going on over there and wants to see it happen here.

3:57 PM - News From NOLA

Doctor from New Orleans says he's not optimistic that the system can continue as it is - he's speaking about the economic and the health system. Saying what is happening now with the lack of equal health care is a "human crime."

3:54 PM - Hey, Is Anybody Out There?

Junior at NYU is wondering who is watching? Who is listening? And then he goes silent.

Wait, that was a dramatic pause.

He's back...talking about his favorite new commercial about a kid with his grandpa. Says he's afraid...he's 20 years old, his life has changed so much and he doesn't know what's going to happen...but hopes he'll live in a world where there's money to be made, a good life to be had and that he doesn't have to worry about his next meal. He wants to tax the rich more. He wants a higher minimum wage -- AND-- he wants to set a MAXIMUM wage - like, maybe only a million dollars a year.

Admitting, he's at a loss for words, he leaves the podium.

3:52 PM - The Renaissance Man

Artist, musician, teacher, actor on the stand now...wondering why "legitimate criminals on Wall Street are not in jail?"

3:51 PM - Where's Hillary

Next speaker says Obama has let him down and he wants Hillary Clinton to run next.

3:49 PM - The Secret's Out

Speaker up now says he wishes he were on Comedy Central. (HEY, I'm sitting right here) Anyway, he says that's where he gets all his news (Thanks). He's a teacher, says he pays 35% of his salary in taxes - he wants more money going to schools and "that the wars have got to stop."

(PS--- I just love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as well...our secret)

3:47 PM - We Are the 99%'rs

Brother and Sister act on the podium now...hoping this turns into a "voting block"

3:45 PM - It's The Education, Stupid

Speaker from Newark is at the protest to fight for better education for all kids.

CNBC Speaker Corner at Wall Street Protest
CNBC Speaker Corner at Wall Street Protest

3:44 PM - All We Are Saying...

A huge fan of John Lennon and Yoko Ono wants Peace... and for Yoko to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

3:42 PM - An Immigrant's Tale

Ernie from DR who has been here for 20 years, says about 30% of his pay goes to pay taxes...and can't figure out why the top 1%'rs don't pay their share.

3:41 PM - 'Bout Time

Another California man takes to the podium to say he's so inspired by the movement, urges all to get involved and adds, "it's about time" for this movement.

3:39 PM - It Rots From the Inside

Woman speaking now says she's found a home with the other protestors and says the only hope for us... "Workers of the World Unite" (umm, she quoted there, that's not original). She's calling on the 99%'rs and the working class if they hear of strikes - join 'em...and end capitalization forever!

3:37 PM - OOOPS, It Was Me - Not You

IT team told me to "refresh" and that the feed would come back up....and don't you know it, it worked. I hate that... "refresh" and "clear your cache"

So if you're having problems with the feed remember, Refresh and Clear your Cache. (Just another public service announcement)

3:36 PM - More from our Twitter Feed

@pzul i think the profit motive is okay as long as there is strong regulation to make it fair

3:34 PM - No, It's Not You

Having technical problems with our feed again. BUT...our best of the best IT team is on it. We'll be back up in a jiffy.

3:31 PM - Irish Eyes

Man from Minneapolis on the podium now...and he really likes New York...and New Yorkers. His kids are in college now and he's hoping 1) they'll get a job and 2) they won't be saddled with tons of debt.

He also wants ALL of Ireland to be united....

3:28 PM - Senior Concerns

Woman on the podium is really concerned about her future especially since she lives on her Social Security checks. Took GE's Jeff Immelt to task for what she calls being "the biggest exporter of jobs."

(Note: Jeff is my boss - he and Comcast provide me with a paycheck. And by the way Jeff, I thought you looked great on 60 Minutes last night - just sayin')

3:27 PM - It Ain't All That Bad

Latest speaker wants us all to know, "we don't suck that bad."

Ok, I feel better - that pep talk really did the trick.

3:25 PM - Another Witness

Man on the podium telling us about the "truth and the light" and that the only answer to our problems is "the Lord Jesus Christ."

One of our Facebook friends Robert Spallone, wrote "look , it is a Hank pAULSON LOOK ALIKE"

Thanks Robert - you are totally right.

3:24 PM - An Englishwoman in New York (Thanks Sting)

Taking the stand now - woman calls for better distribution of public funds. She says in England military families are taken care of - unlike the US. Says anyone who is a billionaire and wants more money - "is pathologically ill...they can't use all that money in their lifetime, or their kids' lifetimes." Quotes a study that I don't know about that says the more money you have the more depressed you are.


3:22 PM - Montclair Whippersnapper

On the podium now 7th grader from Montclair speaking, saying that Corporation Greed is the reason the US took a giant ratings hit. Sam says "we need to be here for our country. We need the banks to stop being greedy."

HUGE applause from the fans (me thinks there was a proud mom and dad there)

3:20 PM - Play Nice

Rhonda, holding her baby says she and her husband are both teachers. She's fed up with the attacks made recently on teachers, saying everyone deserves to be paid well, to have benefits, to have good health care.

3:20 PM - Gavin, Gavin, Gavin

Hmmm good thing this is a family-friendly blog. Gavin has quite a sign he's waving there. Says "F*** the CEOs" and his tshirt says, "Commies Aren't Cool"

3:13 PM - A Man of Few Words.

"Mike" is at the mic. (hey, I've been doing this since 10am/et) Anyway...he says he's there to support the movement.

3:10 PM - Dazed and Confused

Calling himself "confused" a young man takes the podium. He has A LOT of questions.

Ummm, my mother always told me, "if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all."

I'm going to leave it there.

3:09 PM - Where are the Jobs

Rachel - a native New Yorker has a question for corporate America, "Where are the Jobs?"

3:05 PM - It's A Big World

A NYU student - a self-proclaimed "human being" says she is there to say that everyone should spend more time around the world - getting to know how others live. This student who calls Oregon home reminds me of "Jackie-O" - very breathy. OK, now she's just listing all the things you need to do..."change how you live, take off your suit, start doing something, take your life back take your life back and do something good with it, make the world a better place, take off your suit, put on a smile."

3:02 PM - Revolution Generation

Man with a big flag "Revolution Generation" says he's there to "feel the energy." Says he's been one of the people "bitchin' and complainin' about the lack of jobs" but now he says he wants to do something positive.

He says giving "Welfare checks to Wall Street is not the answer." Flagman says "we all want to feel good about what we do everyday..to raise our children...and not worry about our kids not having enough money to have a secure future."

3:01 PM - Time Off For Good Behavior

Man says he took time off from work today to protest what Wall Street is doing - stealing jobs from America. (Didn't catch your name - so hopefully the boss won't see you there, man)

3:00 PM - Country Roads

Man from North Carolina talks about this being the greatest experience ever. Says we have to take action against global warming to save the species (he's talking about us), says action is needed now.

2:58 PM - Best Field Trip....Evah

Teacher who brought her class out to the protest to see Civics in action takes to the podium to explain why they're there....uh, to see civics in action. (Love that)

2:56 PM - We'll Take it Live

"Radio Man" on the podium now -- gives us a shout-out (kind of) says thanks to CNBC for covering this protest -- but...... says we were a little late to the protest. Urgest CNBC and the media to dig deeper into the financial crisis.

OK, Thanks Radio Man

2:55 PM - My New Favorite Facebook Fan

Cindy Choi Thanks CNBC for the live stream. Fantastic.

(Thanks Cindy -- I'll make sure the boss sees this)

2:51 PM - Bridge and Tunnel Gang

Brooklyn speaker is very upset with the current education system. Andrew says unless we do something quickly - the education bubble that we have now - will burst... and that people won't be able to afford to go to college. Ends by saying, "If you want a future for your children, then we need to do something about it, now."

2:50 PM - Well, We're Not in Kansas

Woman from Kansas is on the stand now. Wants to see the Bush tax cuts ended. She says she's there to be positive to raise everyone morale and to affect a change.

2:49 PM - Something Different

Young woman on the podium says this protest offers "something different" that offers a chance to have positive change. She says she thinks it'll morph into something clearer - with more defined goals soon.

Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street

2:47 PM - Jesus Saves

Man at the podium wants us to know that, "Jesus loves us...trust in Jesus, he's the only answer to our problems."

2:46 PM - Ummm, We Liked Her Too

A "fan" of Erin Burnett really, really X-presses himself.

2:42 PM - More Protests Planned

New speaker says there will be another protest planned to "bring back jobs in America." Is against the free-trade act...says the law only leads to jobs being taken away from the country. Adding, "if we want to put Americans back to work... we need to go to AmericanJobsAlliance.com and vote no on the Free Trade Agreement."

Now that speaker knows how to get his message across said American Jobs Alliance.com FIVE times in less than 2 minutes - future candidates that's what I've been talking about.


2:40 PM - It's Better South of the Border

Another Vet takes the podium to talk about how in Mexico they get a free college education...course he also says that "most of the Mexicans can't read or right...but those who do...get a free college educatio."

Vet says "free the kids of the burden of debt so they can get an education that will benefit us all."

2:39 PM - More from our Twitter Feed

@MGBFanatic Toxic assets should be allowed to devalue and remain there. Let the banks that own the mortgages take the hair cut.

2:26 PM - Red Light - Green Light

You gotta love the Occupy Wall Street a protest against Wall Street where a New Yorker gets up to protest "right on red lights." Didn't Woodie Allen settle this in Annie Hall?

2:32 PM - Poetry in Motion

Suzanne a "performance poet" from Milwaukee is reading her newest. "from here, on a path lined with fear." ... "In 2008 we saw our country rise, now it has fallen for a party of lies....lies, lies, liesssssssssssss" "Here is the church, here is the steeple, our supreme court invented a new kind of people."..."lies, lies, liesssssssssssss, liessssssssssss" "it's money that counts from Bayview to....Duluth... to hell with the truth." "it's those corpse, those corpse, those corporations." "blame the corpse, the greedy rogues with a bottom line who ignore the corpse,those corpse, those corpse left behind."

Or something like that.


2:31 PM - Environmental Concerns

New York resident speaking now. She's quite upset about the Energy companies. She wants to stop the hydraulic fracking.

2:30 PM - Class Act

Teacher at the stand saying how proud he is of the movement. Ending his brief statement with, "power to the people."

2:22 PM - The Ph.D with a Plan

Ph.D is on the podium now...says she's ok, but is there to speak up against the high child mortality rates in the US.

2:20 PM - Pat From Rhode Island

Says she's at the protests because she wants all the young Americans to have the same type of life she had in America. She says she's had a great life, a great education, a great chance. But ads, this isn't the case now. She was the 7th child of 10, who was able to go to college without ANY loans.

2:17 PM- Wait, What? Where Was Your Mother?

Young man on the podium now standing up for Wall Street. Says he's been trading since he was 14. He's says he's for more regulation and if they want to protest something - protest the government NOT Wall Street.

2:16 PM - Remember, I Took French

Man speaking now in Spanish. I took 7 years of French so I'm kind of lost.... sorry.

2:15 PM - Sean from the Street

Sean from Wall Street took to the podium to remind folks to vote - saying we're in this situation because no one cares what's going on. He reminds folks to vote. Don't think he's a candidate - just a good citizen.

2:14 PM - Austin City Lights Up the Podium

Man from Austin, Texas wants to see people pay more attention to what's going on -and to really pay attention to their fellow man - to LISTEN to what they are saying and to act as "one."

2:13 PM - A Situation From Jersey

Jersey City resident is visiting the protest for the first time and is very inspired by the cause..saying it's time to stand up and make a change.

2:11 PM - Predictions from the Podium

New speaker predicts this OWS (Occupy Wall Street) will be the Left's Tea Party movement and that this protest will, "Become the new social norm."

Says he plans to run for political office in four years -- but not til after he goes back to school. He'll be ready in 2016. Again...didn't catch say his name. NOTE to candidates and candidates-to-be: say your name... say it, say it and say it again.

2:08 PM - A Spiritual Fight

A man named "Wellington" (love that name) says this is a spiritual fight, that the protestors are a community and that those on Wall Street represent "everything that is bad about society."

Wellington urges all to "come together, we need each other," he says the 99%'rs have been left in the cold and that we all have to stand up together to fight for the poor and the needy. Ends by quoting scriptures and the Beatles... "Come Together."

2:05 PM - Voices from the Bridge

Man says he was one of the 700 arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge and is at the protest for the 99%'rs. He's also there for those on death row and all political prisoners.

Occupy Wall Street protest
Occupy Wall Street protest

2:03 PM - The Spring Revolution

Selma from Egypt is visiting and is very inspired by what is happening all around the world.

1:59 PM - Banking on the Banks

Speaker is very upset with how much money the government loaned the banks. Says it's unfair that we loaned them money, saved their butts and now these same banks want consumers to pay more in banking fees.

Asks everyone to support Obama's plans to put Americans back to work and to save America's education. Likes being there - but wants a more defined message. Says Wall Street is standing in the way of America moving forward. Says don't stand in the way of someone wanting to create jobs when all the banks want to do is create money.

Tells the banks to, "Lead, follow or get out of the way."

1:51 PM - The Businessman Speaks

Self-proclaimed, tie and suit-wearing business man says he's there because he "loves America." He says it's in our interest to have a better economy, for people to have jobs, for corporations to retain their legitimacy. He says the media has failed to tell the full story of what is going on with the protests. He says the movement is a big tent movement - that all are welcome, anyone can be a leader of the movement.

1:47 PM - Candidate X

Man (sorry, missed his name) is running against President Obama. Waiting for him to give his name again. He's doing a good job expressing himself, showing eye contact, telling his story (he was a protestor during the Viet Nam war), he's against the war(s), hates the drones, is calling on Article 5 (gotta look that up - here it is), says raising taxes on the rich is not a bad idea, says we've been doing that all through history, says it's not healthy to let the wealthy keep getting wealthier. Then he quits.

Didn't say his name. Sorry.

1:46 PM - The Professor is in the House

Bruce, the professor says he's there to stand up for the 99%rs and wants everyone to come out there to show their support.

Short and sweet - I totally should have taken his classes.

1:45 PM - Beware of Black Tshirts

Man in a black tshirt is very, very angry with Wall Street. He's really upset that no one on Wall Street has gone to jail for the current financial mess. He says the 99%'rs have held up their end of the bargain - but those fat cats on Wall Street haven't done their share. He says what they've done is criminal.

1:42 PM- Alex, Alex, Alex

So our crew is trying to get our producer's attention down there to let him know, we're all up and ready to go. They're screaming out his name, Alex. Reminds me of one of my favorite clips evahhhh.


1:39 PM - More Tweets

­@Occupy99P­erSay George Soros is an Obama fan and he is now feeding these protests. Thoughts anyone?

1:30 PM - What Did You Think?

In Sunday's NYT Column, Paul Krugman wrote in , "Panic of the Plutocrats"

"It remains to be seen whether the Occupy Wall Street protests will change America’s direction. Yet the protests have already elicited a remarkably hysterical reaction from Wall Street, the super-rich in general, and politicians and pundits who reliably serve the interests of the wealthiest hundredth of a percent.

And this reaction tells you something important — namely, that the extremists threatening American values are what F.D.R. called “economic royalists,” not the people camping in Zuccotti Park."

So, what do you think - is Krugman right? wrong? Share your comments here or on our Facebook page.

Occupy Wall Street protest
Occupy Wall Street protest

1:24 PM - The End or the Beginning?

From our Facebook friend - Renzo Roth 2012 will be beginning of change people will come together and correct the curruption of government its not wall street its about changing the structure of Government. Period.

1:21 PM - You Gotta Love This

Are you watching the stream? My favorite part about watching live TV is watching folks. I love it when they go up to the podium and ask, "is this for real?" or another favorite, "is this going to be on TV?"

Note to nose pickers--yeah, the camera picks that up too.

Just sayin....

1:18 PM - We're BACK!

Didn't I tell you we had the best of the best working on it.

We're up and running - just waiting for more speakers.

1:15 PM - More Tweets

@ Bet_Money Freedom of thought is always an ­interesti­ng show.

­@Occupy99P­erSay #Renzo some would say changes need to happen from Obama

1:14 PM - So Here's What I Just Found Out

The Rev. Al Sharpton will bring his nationally syndicated radio show to lower Manhattan Monday as the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations enter their 24th day.

You knowwwwwwwwwwwww Rev Al is going to have a lot...and I mean a lottttt to say about this movement.

1:12 PM - This just in

Our IT guys just told me, "We're looking in to it."

So now you know... best of the best...are "working on it."

1:11 PM - Hey, It Happens

Our feed from the Park is suffering a technical problem -- I think the official word is "it's frozen" or maybe "it's stuck." Either case - we've got the best of the best working on this. So don't go far, grab a drink, sit down with a sandwich and keep reading.

1:10 PM - The Doctor is in the House

Woman doctor says she's there wondering - "Where are the politicians"

1:08 PM - Not So Sweet 16

Recent high school grad who is 16 (yeah, he says he graduated early) talks about how hard it is for him to find a job.

1:07 PM - From our Facebook Friends

pzul That's why the bail-outs were followed by a financial reform package. Voted in but some are blocking ­implement­ation.

1:05 PM - Carlos' Call Out

Calls on his fellow Latinos and African Americans who he says are under-represented at the protests.

Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street

1:04 PM - Herm's View of the Citi

Herm - a stock holder of Citi is very distressed about big banks.

1:03 PM - From our Twitter Followers

­@daytrader­16 Try getting one of the 3.2 M jobs if you are over 60

1:01 PM - Put Up Your Dukes

College kid from Duke wonders why his peers are less interested in going out in the world and saving the world than grabbing that degree, heading to Wall Street and making a butt-load of cash. He says college kids are saddled with too much debt to think about or care about doing good - all they can think about is paying off their college debts.

12:50 PM - Occupy My Womb

Hers - not mine!

Woman now talking says her womb in "in crisis." She says if she brought a child into the world right now - it would not be a good thing. She's calling for a change. This woman, who is also a teacher... says her movement, "occupy my womb" is a holistic movement of what it is, what it means to be in America. She says she doesn't want to be "occupied" by fear and greed. "Occupy -- so we can be occupied by a brighter future."

So there you have it!

12:55 PM - Ted's Not-so Excellent Adventure in America

"Ted" says the 1%'rs are making too much money. He wants different tax codes. He wants an end to the war. A retired school teacher, Ted says we're wasting too much money on wars and not enough on schools. He wants the bankers "thrown in jail." He wants the 99%'rs need to build a better world. He says the debt crisis is a "lie" and that all we need to do is take the money back from the "rich."

12:54 PM - Jerseylicious

Nurse from Jersey says this is her second time here. She says it's completely different there than what is portrayed in the media. She says this is "worldwide" this is not "Dems vs the Republicans - this is people vs corruption"

12:52 PM - The 2nd Time Around

Grey-haired, suit-wearing woman says this is her second time to be at the protests and she says it's really positive, truly uplifting.

Wall Street Protests
Gennine Kelly for CNBC.com
Wall Street Protests

12:51 PM - Come On Down

Burgundy tshirt says folks, come on down...this place is so positive.

12:50 PM - Feeling Green

Green tshirt wearing young woman from Brown says she's here because she says it's important to speak out for the 99%. She thinks this could turn out into the left-wing version of the "Tea Party."

12:49 PM - From our Facebook Friends

Shana Messelian Roberts "I believe that banking ­instituti­ons are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies." -Thomas Jefferson

12:47 PM - Children are our Future

Three kids come to the stand -- they want more money for a better education. (Hey kids, remember - take more French...you'll need it!)

12:45 PM - Now It's the Frenchman's Turn

And sorry, but my 7 years of French with Mdm. Tramlatt in junior high and in college have long ago left my brain. He's speaking in French and unless he asks, où est le bistro..... I'm of no good to you.

12:44 PM - Outsourced and out of Luck

Grey Tshirt talks about how tough it's been for him since he lost his job to outsourcing. He hopes we can all work together to make this country a better place for all the kids.

12:43 PM - It's Happening Here Too

German tourist is talking about how bad it is in Europe. He hopes we can all work together on a global solution.

12:41 PM - Only in New York Kiddies

Gotta love this. Man takes to the podium to sing with his accordion about his upcoming off, off, off, offfffffffff Broadway show about the banks.

12:40 PM - My, What Big Placards you have

Chuck from Hudson County carrying not one, not two, but two signs AND wearing a sandwich board - wants everyone to work together so that our children will have a better future.

12:40 PM Shattered Glass

Marie takes to the stand - she too wants to bring back Glass Steagall.

12:37 PM Plaid with Beard

Man in plaid shirt and one heckuva beard wants us to do more to save the planet. Last line, "Good luck to the Earth."

12:36 PM Windy City Kid

12 year old from Chicago came here (I assume with his parents) to see "what's going on."

12:33 PM Alexis in the Park

Alexis who says she used to work on Wall Street at 3 firms including Morgan Stanley says all you learn on Wall Street is to "make more money than that idiot who sits over there." Alexis says financial engineering has made our "crashes" more frequent and more severe. She says Dodd-Frank did not go far enough.

Last line from Alexis - bring back, Glass Steagall act

12:31 PM - Back to the Park

Red t-shirt says he's there because "Wall Street has taken away our jobs, our benefits...Wall Street has shipped our jobs away to China." Adding, Wall Street is "responsible for global warming" and that Wall Street "blocks health care to millions."

Red asks, "are we just a bunch of individuals who beat each other - or do we join together for a change?"

12:30 PM - From CNBC Twitter:

@rmdcmbs @utamaro71 You and I see eye to eye this far. I lost mu job a year ago and now work any job to feed my wife and kid.

12:28 PM - From our Live Chat

We're also on CNBC Facebook page and our Twitter feed. Here's what @djsmps says, "Stop the wars and bring our soldiers home."

12:26 PM - Aloha

Man from Hawaii says he's here because he's been waiting his whole life for something like this. (really?)

He says it's so great to be in the midst of all this - the singing, the talking, the togetherness. Hawaii man says he came a long way to be a part of this change.

12:25 PM - Superman Tshirt

Superman says it's important to work together to make a change. I guess working together, we could all be super heroes.

12:23 PM - Shirtless in the City

Nice Pecs! Back to the message - sorry but seriously - did you see his pecs!?

Young man says he's there to ....ah, who am I kidding... I really don't know what he said. But he's there to call for a change.

12:21 PM - Voices for a Change

Woman claims she's been fighting for change in NY for 13 years. She says there is no money left for her kids ... she's 63 and says she should be retired. She calls on the government to stand up for the people. She calls on everyone to "act."

12:19 PM - Tennessee Trooper

Next speaker a woman from Tennessee who says she has read about the protests and wanted to come to NYC to see for herself what is going on. She says the middle class is being "squeezed out of existence."

12:15 PM - The Future

A young high school kid from "rural, rural America" took to the podium to say he's losing his French teacher, he's losing his future and he blames the greed on Wall Street. Sounding mature beyond his years, this young man says the "future of America is at risk here."

12:07 PM - Reading, Writing and Protestin'

Next speaker takes to the mic to express his frustration with the nation's education system. He blames the focus on "test preps." He says we should be teaching kids to "think, to learn" not to "test, test, test." He says we need to raise a generation to "think." He's an educator who is not happy with the system - or Mayor Bloomberg.

12:04 PM - We're Reasonable People

Younger speaker at the stand now talking about being young, says, "hey man, I don't want to hate you...I don't want to hurt you...we don't want to destroy you...we want everyone to relax." The younger man says he didn't really understand the protest...says the ads are awful, they don't really say what the movement is about. He suggests it's best to get down there for yourself and check it out.

Sounds reasonable.

Wall Street Protests
Gennine Kelly for CNBC.com
Wall Street Protests

12:00 PM - Hopalong Cassidy

I'm not making this up! Promise! Next speaker - a woman who calls herself, Hopalong Cassidy is on the stand quoting scriptures AND Wesley Snipes....kid you not. Ok since we've had two people call for Freeing Wesley Snipes - thought I would add a link so you can read more about the issue.

11:56 AM - Vets for a Change

This speaker a veteran says "there may not be bloodshed .... but this is a form of violence." He's speaking about the "economic war." Vet now talking about health care...he says he's lucky cause he has great health benefits - but others don't. He adds folks are sick of the "domination" ... domination of Wall Street, the government, etc. A former para-trooper, this vet says we're not "nuts" and all those down there are "serving their country."

11:55 AM - Is that a Ghostbusters T-shirt He's Wearing?

New speaker - same cry: Join together, we can make a change. "Our only powers are in numbers."

11:53 AM - Foxy Man

An elderly man takes to the stand to go off on his cable - blaming NewsCorp's Rupert Murdoch for basically everything. OK, ok, ok...I'm confused - now he's calling on Wesley Snipes. I have to be respectful because this man - an elderly man - is very passionate. Did I mention he's elderly. Wait..he's still going on about Wesley Snipes. Seems Snipes caused all the problems beginning in 1998.

11:52 AM - Voice of the Change

Another Brooklyn man says he's there because Obama promised change, and that's all we have in our pockets -- loose change.

11:48 AM - Brooklyn in the House

Brooklyn man says "hey, we're here 23 days later." He says people are here because they are "curious". He says they are there to represent the 99% of those who "aren't represented by the US government." Adding, "The media is afraid of us, the government is afraid of us." Yes, he says we're unorganized, but we're not going away! He says "we want to take the conversation back."

Brooklyn continues saying, "this is all for the common good. God bless America, man, cause this is the real deal."


11:46 AM - Cash Cow Outta Dough

I'm thinking this new speaker is a union worker for the Postal Service (he's got a really cool shirt w/ a logo...so I'm just thinkin'). He calls on Congress to "Save the Postal Service."

11:44 AM - Two Mad Mothers

Two women who brought their children are mad at the 1%ers -- those folks who make the big bucks. They want more taxes on "anyone who makes money on the stock market." They say we need to "defund the Pentagon." They want those funds from the Pentagon redistributed into education. These women say it was better back in the day...like back when their parents owned their own home, two cars...back when Reagan was president. These moms says between the two of them, they work three jobs to make their lives work.

11:42 AM - On the move again

So, we're having to move - AGAIN. Seems we were set up in front of a stall and the stall's owner thought we were blocking his business. Back up in a second....we're getting used to this.

11:37 AM - Love that Beret

"Farrel" an artist wearing an incredible beret calls on local leaders, senators and people, who are "just people" to come out and unify for a change.

11:35 AM - Charlie's Call for Change

Another call for unity! Charlie says he's there to support the cause to help solve all the problems in the world. He says there are some "CIA people here" trying to "disrupt us." He says this is about solidarity, passion, truth. Charlie says "everyone has a voice...we want to create a bridge with everyone in the world...change can't come overnight...everyone needs to do what they're passionate about." Charlie says he wants this movement to be something from the "heart." "Love is the only way to come together...for global prosperity."

11:32 AM - Two wings of the same bird

Our first speaker at our new NYC location is calling on unity, saying both the left and the right are "two wings of the same bird - and if joined together -- we will fly away." Ok then?!

11:30 AM - Meanwhile - on the other coast

In LA this morning at City Hall Occupy Wall Street has set up a sea of tents under a blue skyand warm sun. We'll be checking in throughout the day to see what they have to say from California.

11:28 AM - We're Back Up

New location, better location. Bring on the speakers.

11:25 AM - Changing Locations

Our "Speaker's Corner" is on the move again. We're having to pull up from where we are set up and move to a better location. A truck parked in front of us, blocking our camera. We'll be back up in a few minutes.

11:24 AM - Wardrobe Alert

In case you're planning to visit the protests, dress for the occasion. Noticing "the look" is t-shirts, backpacks and bike helmets.

11:20 AM - Another Canadian

Oops! This one politely turns down an offer to speak up saying, "oh, I'm from Canada, this is your problem. I'm just here visiting."

11:19 AM - From Canada

Our northern neighbors have some thoughts: "we need to do something, don't hate on us." (oops blame Canada -- almost dropped the f-bomb...ehh)

11:18 AM - Forget What I Said

Remember how I said folks were shy -- uh, no more... Loads are standing in line to have their say.

11:15 AM - The Rap on the Fed

Rapper takes the stand - sorry - can't type that fast to capture the lyrics...the focus - calls for an end to the Fed.

11:14 AM - Don't rely on the Media

Next speaker says what you're seeing on TV, hearing on the radio, or reading in the paper is not what is happening down there. She says everyone needs to get down there to "see for themselves" what she calls "the beauty" of what's happening.

11:12 AM - Inspired 85 Year Old

An inspired senior says he loves what "these young people are doing." He calls on everyone to pull out 2% of their money from the banks to force banks to better support small businesses. He says let's form We.com

11:10 AM - A 20 Hour Work Week

One final note from our singer - he says with all of today's technology - there's no reason any of us should be working more than a 20-hour work week. (Hope the boss here's that.)


11:08 AM - Oh Goodie - The Banks of Marble

A singer! Channeling Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger - a new American original. Where's Simon? Catchy chorus..."the banks are made of marble." I'm going to be singing this all day.

11:07 AM - Read, Read, Read

Our next speaker wants Americans to read all they can about all the issues.

11:04 AM - Here's the Deal

For those of you not there, we've set up a podium where anyone is given the chance to have their say. The microphone stands empty for a bit while passersby ponder if they have anything to share. The biggest question they have for our field producer there on location, "Do people actually watch this?"

11:03 AM - Another Californian

Speaker wants corporate America to "invest in real jobs" and calls for an end of climate change.

11:00 AM - Visiting from London

Another call to end the Federal Reserve -- saying "go right for the guts" a visitor from across the pond wants an end to the Fed and calls on people to "love the earth."

10:57 AM - Patriot from Long Island

Calls for an end to the Federal Reserve. He says the protests offer a true marketplace for ideas.

10:56 AM - Visiting from Pennsylvania

Coming in from Bucks County, this speaker took the day off to be a part of what he calls, "something important."

10:52 AM - Visiting from Colorado

Taking the mic next - a doctor from Colorado who is upset about the current state of health care in the country. She wants the health insurance companies to be "removed" from the system so that the costs will go down.

10:49 AM Visiting from California

Our next speaker a visitor says these protestors are folks who want something for nothing and that they should get off their "butts and get back to work."

10:46 AM You can watch the Speaker's Corner Now

On CNBC.com's homepage, we are streaming the Speaker's Corner as well as live chats. Feel free to join the conversation.

10:43 AM Peaceful Protests

Our first protestor - Aaron - took to the mic saying, "Yes, there will be some troublemakers - but this is a peaceful protest."

10:30 AM:A Very Organized Anarchy at Occupy Wall Street

CNBC's John Carneyis with the group in NYC's Zuccotti Square. In his first post this morning he writes:

"The protesters have organized themselves into a dozen or so "working groups" that deal with various issues. There's a security working group that handles crowd control and relations with police. An arts and culture group puts on art exhibits at the site. There's even an Occupy Wall Street archivist group that collects pamphlets, signs, and protest diaries in hopes if creating a historical record of the event."

You can read his full post here.

10:39 AM "Ignorance on Display"

Our first speaker didn't hold back. Calling herself a "dangerous woman" she says ignorance is not an excuse – saying, "ignorance is as bad as greed." A mother of four, she slammed many who are there saying she is fed up with the ignorance that has gathered in NYC. She wants the group to "read a book."