Our Occupy Wall Street 'Speaker's Corner'

We're doing something downright neat if you haven't caught it yet. A virtual "Speaker's Corner" from the heart of the "Occupy Wall Street" protest.

It's essentially an open mic where people can come, state their name, where they are from, and why they are protesting (or not). We are broadcasting the comments over the Web site. And it's turning out to be a pretty hypnotic feed.

You could only do this on the Internet, of course, since TV time and newspaper space are by their very nature limited. But this device is actually serving a fundamental journalistic purpose: Giving voice to different points of view.

Overwhelmingly those voices are expressing deep disenchantment with the way our capital system is working. Even if you don't agree, it may be worth taking note. Confidence, after all, plays a big role in economies and markets.