Watch the Webcast of the Rotunda Dialogue

Jefferson Summit
Jefferson Summit

Watch all the exclusive video clips from the CNBC webcast of the Rotunda Dialogue at the Jefferson Innovation Summit in Charlottesville, VA. CNBC’s Tyler Mathisen moderated the dialogue, where delegates role-played and debated the issues surrounding a hypothetical start-up company that makes paint that collects solar energy. For more on this unique style of dialogue, visit the Fred Friendly Seminars.

Part 1: Financing the start-up
The company's founders seek out funding. Should they look for U.S. help or go overseas?

Part 2: Locating the start-up
Where should the company set up shop? And who can provide the right mix of business incentives?

Part 3: Hiring the right people
Finding the right talent is crucial. But are there enough people out there with the proper skills for the company?

Part 4: Regulatory hurdles
Are domestic regulations hampering growth? Should the company focus sales outside the U.S.?

Part 5: The buyout offer
In-fighting erupts! Should the founders take the money and run?

Part 6: Expansion: U.S. or China?
Where should the company build a new plant? How can the U.S. compete with China for cutting edge manufacturing?

Part 7: Conclusion - A better tomorrow
Success! But what are the most important changes the U.S. can make now - to make the business climate more start-up friendly down the road?