In Honor of National Boss Day - Here's What We Really Think of Them

To all you job creators, thank you! To those of you who pay us, bless you! To those who manage us, tell us what to do, berate us, make us it up!!

Monday, October 17, is National Boss Day, which I've never heard of. It's apparently been around a while.

Is your boss the best?

Photo: Jane Wells

A couple of surveys suggest we like our bosses a lot. Most of us would not want their jobs. We don't mind a little socializing with them, but we draw the line at double dating.

Staffing company OfficeTeamsurveyed 431 workers and found that fewer than one in four actually want the boss's job, and most do not think they could do the top job better.

Then there's this bombshell.

Adecco Group North America, the human resources consulting business, surveyed more than 800 office workers found that if your boss is a man, you probably make more money.


While you ponder the various reasons why, here's more from Adecco:

Four out of five workers believe that if their jobs were on the line, the boss would fight to keep them.

One in four believes "I work harder than my boss."

The topic workers are least comfortable discussing with the boss is their relationship with a significant other (23 percent).

The most awkward activity to do with the boss? Double date with your significant others (43 percent).

Finally, if there's one thing people want to change about the boss, what would it be? The most popular answer, by a wide margin at 59 percent, was, "Nothing. I think my boss is great." Uh, yes, yes, I agree! Don't change a thing, boss!

UPDATE: An earlier version incorrectly stated the number of people surveyed by OfficeTeam.

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