And the Worst Ad of 2011 Is...

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Luvs' "Poop! There It Is" has beaten out a douche (literally) to win "Absolute Worst Ad in America".

The much maligned cartoon commercial of babies putting their diapers to the test got one out of three votes in the annual contest by , beating out a couple of ads from AT&T , a GEICO commercial, and Summer's Eve.

Meghann Marco,'s Executive Editor, says the lesson here is that "even if the overall goal of your advertising campaign is to produce a large amount of crap, you should probably not express the idea quite so literally."

More than 115,000 votes came in to decide the worst ads in several categories.

Voters decided that "The Trend That Needs to Stop Being a Trend" is men who barely tolerate their wives or girlfriends, as seen in this annoying McDonald's ad.

"Most Irritating Animated Character"? The CarFax CarFox, natch.

"The Celebrity Who Could Probably Use a New Manager Right Now" is actually two celebs — Troy Aikman and Hulk Hogan for Rent-a-Center. They must have an ownership stake in this company because that's the ONLY excuse for this ad.

As I expected, the ad for a...vacuum...of sorts...won "CreepiestCommercial". Editors at Consumerist were actually surprised this commercial got the most votes.

"We here at Consumerist HQ had placed our bets — not really... gambling is bad — on Jello's 'Pudding Face' spots winning this category. But we obviously didn't factor in the WT*? factor surrounding the ads for a device none of us had heard of before..."

The website's full list of losers, er, winners, is here .

But wait! I have a late addition to the nominees!

Of course, it's not a US commercial. It's from Japan, but you don't need to speak Japanese to figure out why this one's a stinker. ?

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