Occupy Wall Street Seeks Winter Residence

Occupy Wall Street protester being arrested in California
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Occupy Wall Street protester being arrested in California

Plans are underway to rent an enormous space capable of housing up to 300 people so that Occupy Wall Street can continue through the winter.

Many of the Occupy Wall Street protesters have been sleeping in Zuccotti Park since the protests began six weeks ago. But as the weather grows colder, sleeping outdoors will become less practical. Each year, people freeze to death on the streets of New York City.

Some Occupy Wall Street organizers have been searching for a winter residence, a person closely connected with the core de facto leadership of Occupy Wall Street said.

"We're going to find a place where people can sleep at night, store their stuff. We'll maintain a continuous presence in the park but you can't ask people to put their lives in danger. It's Occupy Wall Street, not Freeze to Death In Zuccotti Park," he said.

This could throw a wrench into the plans of city officials, some of whom were counting on the winter weather to end the protest. On October 10th, for example, the mayor predicted the protest would end when the snow started falling.

The protesters say they have raised over $300,000 in cash donations, which is more than enough to pay for space to house the protesters for a few months.

So get ready for the long haul. Occupy Wall Street might well be able to occupy right through the winter.

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